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Price Pages
The Vanishing Male 2001 UUMeN Sermon Award Kathleen Rolenz $1.00 5
A Revolutionary Manifesto UUMení GA Lecture Tom Owen Towle $2.00 19
Growing up Male Why Johnny Canít Make Peace David Pettee &
Jaco Ten Hove
$3.00 13
A Community of Men A Guide to Menís Programming $5.00 50
Brother Spirit Men Joining together in the Quest
 for Intimacy and Ultimacy
Tom Owen Towle $5.00 161
Friendship Chronicles Letters between a gay
and a Straight Man
Tom Owen Towle &
Chris Hassett
$5.00 192
New Men/Deeper Hungers Tom Owen Towle $15.00 152
Father Loss How sons of all ages come to grips
with the deaths of their dads
Neil Chethik $23.95 304
Toward a Revolutionary Manifesto The inspiring and pioneering statement that helped launch UUMeN almost ten years ago. Tom Owen Towle Free 23
Reflection Papers Free 8

To Order: Print the page and circle the titles desired. Send the total amount plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to:

Unitarian Universalist Men's Network (UUMeN)

PO Box 8071, Lexington, Ky, 40503