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UUMeN - What we're about...

The Unitarian Universalist Men's Network is a continental membership organization for UU men.  Women are also welcome.  Our purpose is to build a mature, liberal religious masculinity: male-positive, pro-feminist / womanist, gay-affirming, culturally and racially inclusive and diverse.

Our primary objectives are: developing a continental resource network, supporting the personal and spiritual growth of men at the district, and continental levels, and working with other UUA groups committed to a social justice.  Members receive a local newsletter, may vote at our Annual Membership Meeting held in June at GA, and are eligible for discounts on materials.


Create a continental organization to support intellectual, emotional, relational, educational, relational, spiritual growth of UU men.

Challenge men to confront gender injustice, homophobia, racism, loneliness, and distrust between men against women, children, other men, themselves, and the earth.

Provide a continental network for the exchange of information of special interest to UU Men.

Produce publications with a continental appeal on a wide range of subject matters.

Assist local UU congregations, clusters, and districts in fostering a broad range of brothering communities that provide opportunities for personal growth in a trustworthy atmosphere.

Foster, promote and defend male-positive and male-valuing attitudes among ourselves, within the UUA, and the larger culture.

Cooperate with non-UU groups in promoting dialogue and action in areas of mutual interest.

Work with other continental UU organizations on issues of joint concern and common inspiration.



PO Box 5069,

Evanston, IL 60204